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Kosher Meals- meals are prepared and delivered to patients and family at their location, to their home or to the hospital. We have some refrigerators and microwaves that are available for use in Children’s Hospital, please call for details.





Transportation- Organizing transportation to and from airports, hospitals and appointments, for the elderly and for people with disabilities.





Patient advocacy- We have local Doctors and nurses that are available to guide paitents and assist them to understand the medical terminology and provide advice when decisions need to be made.



Medical Equipment- We have access to many equipment which we lend to the patients.


Accommodations- Hospitality arrangements are made for the out of town patient and family at a home or an apartment within the community, that they could be walking distance to the shuls on Shabbos. We also provide cleaning services to help keep the house in order.





Pastoral care- We provide religious guidance, specifically to complicated details about Jewish Law in a healthcare setting. (Shabbos, Kosher, Medical Decisions) We also arrange coaching and counseling for patients and their family.



Chai Lifeline- We are affiliated and work closely with the organization to get special stimulants to keep both the patient and family happy and busy; to lift them up in their downtime.


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